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Founded by Orlando-based artist & designer Matt Verdier way back in 2017, Just Okay Co. supplies the world with whimsical graphic tees printed on garments made with outstanding quality.

The company name was sparked by encouragement from a friend that gave Matt the permission to take the risk of starting the “company”. It had to be okay to just be okay. It’s important to discover new ideas, to evolve and change styles—without fear of imperfection.

In this state of permission to begin a new process, Matt began to create. His garage, a canvas as blank as each shirt destined to receive his trademark sun and cloud logo, was transformed into a studio overnight. He began to sketch silly designs, mix inks, and refine his screen printing techniques. He made shirts, hats, fabric multitools, and even some oddly sized saddle stitch notebooks, hoping to sell them at local artisan markets. Soon, like funny-shaped clouds in the sky, some of these now archived designs caught the attention of many folks in the Greater Orlando region


Learning new disciplines, allowing yourself and your art to be perceived by others has to be okay to grow at both a fundamental and spiritual level. Even while the quality of their products now far exceeds the “just okay” mark, this sentiment remains the company’s core ethos.

Existential whimsy is the throughline of Just Okay Co.’s products. Each design, curated from love for the strange, often promotes a playful, sometimes nostalgic introspection. How can we navigate the world in more loving ways? When did we last pay attention to the finer details of the realm around us? What excites your soul? 

“I think about shirts like visual resonance systems. It’s just so easy to like someone’s t-shirt, you know, it's a socially acceptable, low risk interaction. I just love that, and I want to make designs that people are so excited to wear because they say something more granular about what they want to see in the world, or who they are. So when someone says ‘I really like your shirt’ it becomes more special, it becomes ‘i see this deeper part of you, this silliness, this desire’  or whatever it is. That's beautiful and beautiful for me too because we all are sharing that specific resonance”

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